Ran into a strange issue today when trying to upgrade a project from VS2008 to VS2010. We are running TFS 2010 and the Team Project appears fine in Team Explorer under VS2008 but is mysteriously missing from Team Explorer in VS2010. My windows account is also part of the Project Collection Administrators group.



Funnily enough, the Team Project is only hidden in the “Add Team Project”. All the project artefacts are still visible in the Query Builder and Solution Explorer.


Query builder in VS2010 can view the work items under the hidden Team Project


Source Control explorer in VS2010 can see the PDS.CCMS Team Project and files

I can fix it by explicitly giving myself at least the “View project-level information” permission, but I shouldn’t need to as I’m a Project Collection Administrator and it still doesn’t explain why it’s visible in VS2008 and not VS2010!