I recently had a few of the junior and work experience developers asking for some help in solving some coding issues.

More often then not the answer was in front of them but they didn’t know about tools such as Quick Watch, Navigating through code, Breakpoints and the Callstack window.

I decided it was time to get back to basics and show them all the tools they can use to find and solve the issues themselves.

So this week’s training was about “Debugging in Visual Studio 2008”

I went through trying to fix a real bug in the SSW .NET Toolkit’s Northwind Order form.

I demonstrated:

  • Setting breakpoints & bookmarks
  • Viewing and modifying runtime values of variables and controls using:
    • Quick Watch
    • Add Watch
    • Immediate Window
    • Autos and Locals window
  • Step over, step into, step out
  • Changing the currently executing line
  • The Call Stack