I picked up a post on Lifehacker about Windows Live Writer Tweaks, Tips, and Updates and decided to give it a spin. In fact I’m writing this blog post with the latest CTP (12.0.1366.1026).

For my past posts I have been trying out ecto and MarsEdit on OSX since I’ usually blog when I’m at home and predominantly use OSX for my everyday needs. I only pop into windows at work (through VMWare Fusion) to do .NET development in Visual Studio 2008.

I must say, I’ve always heard great things about it but, I never expected it to be this rich and intuitive. It even picked up my CSS styles in my edit window.


The image insertion is great and allows you to crop, resize, and add cool effects like drop shadow and rounded corners. A very rich interface indeed.


So far it looks great. It’s very snappy and responsive (unlike other bloated windows applications) and I will do a proper review and write up to compare it to the desktop blogging applications on OSX.

You can get Windows Live Writer from http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com/default.aspx